Custom Encapsulation:
Make it unique.
Make it yours.

​Salvona's unique experience with proprietary delivery systems enables us to find creative solutions that are cost effective and successful in the market. Our technology aims to create beautiful, consumer-pleasing products that get the most out of its active ingredients while creating the least amount of side effects possible.


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1. Active engineering.

All Salvona encapsulation systems have been engineered to offer these benefits. The encapsulated active ingredient is spread evenly throughout your product preventing irritation that may be possible when using free ingredients.

Encapsulation also prevents actives from reacting with other parts of your product or from oxidizing. This means there is no active loss during storage and your product works like new until the final use. Salvona’s encapsulation ultimately saves you time and money.

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2. Timed release.

This technology can control the rate of release. For example, slow release can extend the benefits from a single application. This can reduce side effects, like irritation, and enhance the actives overall efficacy.

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3. Triggered release.

Triggered release ensures that effective levels of active ingredients reach the treatment areas when they are needed most. The trigger can be the user rubbing the product onto the skin or several kinds of environmental factors including moisture, heat, friction, and change in pH levels.

Another useful trigger method is release by enzymes that can be found in areas of inflammation. When triggered by enzymes, the active ingredient goes to work directly in the area of need, instead of being wasted in an area where help isn't required.

Do you want actives released where they are needed the most?

4. Targeted release.

This technology releases the active locally in a specific location to maximize results. Targeted release systems can adhere specifically to skin and hair. For example, a system can adhere to pimples and deposit anti-bacterial actives in the area that needs it most.

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