Salvona specializes in advanced encapsulation technologies that enhance performance, maximize stability, and control the release targets and triggers of active ingredients. The company offers off-the-shelf encapsulations, custom encapsulation services, and turn-key formulation production (with flexible batch sizes) from its FDA-registered facility in Hamilton, NJ. Our team’s experience, innovative spirit, and dedication allow clients to differentiate themselves and stand out in the ever competitive cosmetic, personal care, and pharmaceutical markets.

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A self-encapsulation fragrance technology

to add drama
to your products.

A new fragrance technology that enables formulators to gain more performance from the most expensive ingredients in a formula and extend the fragrance sensation over longer time. SalScent™ (SST) is a completely new approach to fragrance encapsulation. It allows the manufacturers the freedom to encapsulate the fragrance of choice at the required time and location.

With SalScent™, you can prepare variety of finished products with ease, reduce fragrance level, extend the product’s benefit, and save money. SST is suitable for personal care, home, and industrial applications including wash off, leave on, spray, and fine perfume.





Step 1: Preparation

(hydrated polymers)

SalScent™ is a composite of synthetic polymers that entrap the fragrance. Preparation of the carrier is done by Salvona.

How it Works

SalScent™ technology provides you with the ability to encapsulate your fragrance of choice in your own facility. It also provides you with the opportunity to fully customize the balance between cost and performance. You can vary the loading of the fragrance to reach optimal performance. For maximum longevity, a ratio of 1:2 (neat fragrance:SST) is recommended.


Add the fragrance to the SST liquid while gently mixing at room temperature until it’s homogeneous and a clear solution has formed.

Fragrance Retention

SST stabilized fragrance volatility for a longer-lasting effect.

Time Release


SST at a ratio 1:2.3 (fragrance:SST) vs. free fragrance, as a consumer perceived benefit. The ratio may vary from one fragrance to another.



Light environmental moisture, such as sweat, is enough to trigger release.

Consumer response ratings for SST before exposure to moisture (dry) and after (wet).

Easy to Formulate With

SalScent™ technology is easy to combine with these example technologies to form a truly unique product. Contact us for more examples of proprietary technologies that work well with SST.




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