Salvona specializes in advanced encapsulation technologies that enhance performance, maximize stability, and control the release targets and triggers of active ingredients. The company offers off-the-shelf encapsulations, custom encapsulation services, and turn-key formulation production (with flexible batch sizes) from its FDA-registered facility in Hamilton, NJ. Our team’s experience, innovative spirit, and dedication allow clients to differentiate themselves and stand out in the ever competitive cosmetic, personal care, and pharmaceutical markets.

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Salvona Bulk

We offer ready-to-go finished product whose ingredients/fragrances can be customized based on your needs.

Salvona Bulk is a ready-to-go (RTG) solution for entrepreneurs and product developers that would like to use Salvona technologies as a whole product.

Bulk is a solution for product formulators that would like to accelerate the process of formulation of finished products with the technologies. Bulk is offered to entrepreneurs that are looking for products that are ready-to-go. It arrives to you ready for final packaging.

Make your own product! Bulk includes several technologies to meet specific marketing needs. Salvona has some flexibility to slightly modify the products with specific ingredients and fragrance to provide a more specific characteristic to suit your brand.

Order today to start your personal finished product line.

Salvona Bulk Products

Why use Salvona Bulk?

  1. Avoid the time & expense of formulating

  2. Proven stable product

  3. Quality controlled

  4. Optimized price

  5. Consumer tested

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