Invitation to Attend Our Educational Workshop:

Hemp for Acne and Blemish Therapy

February 11, 2020 • Hamilton, NJ


Discover new possibilities for acne and blemish-lightening technology!

Attend our workshop on February 11, 2020, to discuss using CBD and other natural ingredients for acne and blemish therapy in skincare and cosmetic products.

The purpose of this workshop is to share technologies that can enhance your understanding of skin physiology and add practical tools to combat disorders like blemish and acne. It's open for professionals in marketing, product development and cosmetics chemists that would like to explore new concepts for skincare products, gain the tools to create new products, and market the products to consumers.

The workshop will demonstrate effective ways to formulate skincare products, that are based on natural ingredients used to rejuvenate and preserve the skin. Formulations include lotions, gels and powders with a focus on hemp CBD and other potent functional ingredients such as polyphenols and algae extracts.


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