Core Technologies and Possible Applications:

Over time, Salvona has established several lines of technology platforms


Purpose: Sub-micron spheres are typically used to stabilize ingredients, suspend active ingredients in water, and enable flawless formulation and cost-effective production. SalSphere technology is a solution for many natural extracts that are sensitive to oxidation, tend to change color, degrade over time, and are generally not water-soluble.30,000 sq. ft. facility in Hamilton, NJ is a modern example of an agile research, development, and manufacturing firm. Our building is home to all phases of the production of cosmetic, hair care, skin care, and pharmaceutical products. Salvona can do it all for you.

Relatively larger spheres (>0.1 micron) are used to facilitate skin deposition and slow release. SalSphere with Salicylic Acid (BHA) utilizes these spheres to effectively encourage the exfoliation of sensitive skin, reduce excess sebum, and deliver antiseptic properties. Additionally, spheres with relatively smaller particles can enhance the efficacy of encapsulated active ingredients by reaching the lower layers of the epidermis, where they are needed the most. SalSphere with different particles size enables to modulate the adhesion and release rate.

Structure: SalSphere involves the micro-suspension of solid spheres, structured with a core and a shell. The core is solid and made of a hydrophobic blend of materials, while a hydrophilic coating surrounds the core. This sphere core functions as a reservoir for the encapsulated active ingredients. The spheres are suspended in water to form a homogeneous suspension. The hydrophobic core is typically made of a blend of natural ingredients, such as waxes and lipids. The core composition varies from product to product; it’s optimized to offer high compatibility between the core and active, optimal payload, thus meeting the required release characteristics.

The hydrophilic shell prompts the suspension of SalSphere in water. The charge of the shell may be cationic or non-ionic; when combined with cationic charge, the hydrophobic properties can further enhance tight adhesion to skin or hair.

Release Mechanism: Three main conditions can trigger the release of SalSphere active ingredients.

1) Gentle rubbing of the skin. The lipid core can dissolve into the skin (fat) and slowly discharge the load.

2) Heat. Exposure of the spheres to an external source of heat, typically at a temperature above the spheres’ melting point (i.e., hair treatment equipment, like a hairdryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc.), can melt the core and trigger the release. The lowest temperature used to trigger the release is about 70-80°C. It is possible to manufacture a system to trigger the release at a higher temperature.

3) Skin proteolytic enzymes. With certain conditions (i.e., acne) there is an elevated level of endogenous proteolytic enzymes, such as protease, lipase, etc. The increased activity of these enzymes is a typical, natural response to inflammation. These enzymes can trigger the release of active therapeutic from SalSphere at the location (i.e., inflamed pimple), resulting in the localized release. The proteolytic enzymes can digest the core, made with lipids and proteins while releasing the payload.

Application Examples:

1) Enable formulation with insoluble actives. SalSphere is used to suspend ingredients that are difficult to incorporate into emulsions, such as Salicylic acid, Resveratrol, Benzoyl peroxide (BPO), Astaxanthin, etc. The SalSphere technology allows chemists to incorporate the active agents to an emulsion base, saving time and money.

2) Reduce irritation through slow release. Many consumers have sensitive skin, thus preventing them from using traditional and effective exfoliating agents such as acids (i.e., AHA, BHA and BPO). With revolutionary technology, it became feasible to treat the skin with the full dosage by delivering the active ingredients in small doses over a longer period. This method of slow release enables the skin to buffer the acid and reduce irritation.

3) Accelerate anti-aging processes with enhanced bioavailability. The skin rejuvenation process occurs deep in the skin where new cells are born, at the layer called the dermis. It’s prudent to increase the bioavailability of beneficial ingredients at that location. With this goal, SalSphere was formulated with encapsulated actives—such as Retinol and collagen-inducing peptides—to benefit the consumer through deeper active ingredient delivery. SalSphere can transform hydrophilic ingredients with minimal bioavailability by encapsulating them within hydrophobic spheres. These tiny spheres melt into the skin and deliver the active agents to deeper layers where they are needed the most, resulting in faster effects.

4) Repair and maintain youthful skin by improving barrier properties and water retention. Repairing the skin’s barrier properties is a necessary step to enhance water retention and induce the anti-aging process. SalSphere enables the delivery of key ingredients required to accelerate the rebuilding and repairing of the tissue. These ingredients include antioxidants (Polyphenols, Anthocyanin, Astaxanthin), multivitamins, essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9), etc. The encapsulation of essential fatty acids from botanical sources (algal oils, nuts, and seeds) can enhance the ingredients’ stability and reduce malodor.

5) Continuous treatment with enhanced deposition. The purpose of facial wash products is to strip the skin from dirt and excess oil. SalSphere technology is designed to counteract these materials and deposit beneficial ingredients onto the skin. The resulting adhesion prevents the waste of desired components, such as moisturizers. SalSphere deposits and maintains moisturizing ingredients—such as aloe vera, coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, etc.—for a longer period, ensuring that they stay effective after washing the skin.

6) Induce instant, long-lasting benefits. SalSphere technology can combine various functional ingredients into a single SalSphere to produce immediate, sensory effects and extended cosmetic and physiological benefits. Products like SalSphere Aqua Skin use algae and glycerin, which can provide quick hydration. When combined with caffeine, these ingredients activate the AquaPorin mechanism for longer-lasting benefits. Another example is SalSphere Anti-Aging Lift, which fosters a tightening sensory effect while releasing collagen-boosting peptides to facilitate a longer-lasting impact.

7) Increase efficacy. This is achieved by combining ingredients that work in different mechanisms to reach the same results. SalSphere Light is an example of utilizing SalSphere technology to tone the skin, with multiple natural ingredients that work in other ways.

8) Create your signature product. SalSphere enables the creation of a signature proprietary product for both practical and marketing purposes. By encapsulating a group of special ingredients that are representative of the brand’s signature, SalSphere reduces production steps and cost while establishing a unique position in the marketplace.


Purpose: HydroSal features a liquid-based, sun-micron-sphere delivery system that allows for the controlled delivery of actives and functional ingredients from both water and hydroalcoholic solutions. The system facilitates timed-release due to its ability to adhere and fix the system infused with the actives onto the surface, skin, hair, etc. Then, HydroSal enables the sustained or burst release of ingredients when triggered with water. HydroSal’s burst release occurs when exposed to excess water, such as perspiration, making this the perfect solution for personal deodorants. It can be used in spray formulations without concern for clogging the orifice. HydroSal is non-ionic, thus making it compatible with most formulas for washes, lotion, masks, and serum. The technology is useful to formulate clear products that are surfactant-free and natural.

Structure: There are two models of HydroSal, distinguished by the names HydroSal 1 and 2; both are made of vegan ingredients. In HydroSal 1, a synthetic polymer functions as a core like a reservoir, containing the encapsulated actives in a concentrated form. HydroSal 2 does not have a defined synthetic core—thus, the active ingredients are dispersed homogeneously within the system.

Release Mechanism: Three main conditions can trigger the release of SalSphere active ingredients.

HydroSal exhibits a unique method of encapsulation. Most encapsulated products are produced as spheres, in which the active ingredients are locked inside the structure. HydroSal represents a different model. It is based on a process called “in-situ encapsulation”, which means that the encapsulation occurs on the surface of the subject (skin, hair, etc.). During this process, the water evaporates, leaving the surface dry. The evaporation of the water induces a restructuring of the polymers in a way that entraps the actives.

HydroSal morphs into a spheric shape when used from a spray device, and a flat speck when applied otherwise. The release of HydroSal active agents depends on the environment. Under normal conditions (dry surface with little humidity), the release is driven by slow diffusion. HydroSal will dissolve when exposed to water, causing the release to erupt and burst. The intensity of the release is modulated by water activity at the proximate area; the higher the water activity, the faster the release.

Application Examples:

1) SalScent.DIY, fragrance, and essential oil delivery. SalScent is a particular variant of HydroSal that allows chemists to encapsulate their fragrances and essential oils at their preferred location and convenience. Self-encapsulation is an easy process that doesn’t require special equipment. SalScent is an affordable tool to enhance the longevity of fragrance for personal, home, and industrial applications. It can be used to produce clear, aroma-based products like a fine perfume that can be totally alcohol-free (halal). Salvona also offers several products with loaded perfumes and essential oils that are ready for use.

2) ColorSeal and MakeUp Fix.HydroSal ColorSeal and HydroSal MakeUp Fix are suggested as technologies to extend the wear of saturated color makeup. HydroSal ColorSeal allows the chemist to add pigment and create their own shade. This technology will deposit pigment onto the skin and retain the color’s strength for a longer period of time. HydroSal ColorSeal may also be utilized for mascara, eyeliner, lip-care and liquid foundation. HydroSal MakeUp Fix is a technology designed to ensure that the makeup stays unmoved for longer. This is used as a water-based, finishing touch spray that is alcohol-free and skin-friendly.

3) Antiseptic applications. The HydroSal platform is ideal for extending the retention of active ingredients on a surface for a longer period. This can be applied for the delivery of antiseptic properties, which disinfect both the body and hard surfaces. HydroSal products utilize infused actives, such as benzalkonium chloride (BZK, BKC, BAK, BAC), and natural, antiseptic ingredients from botanical sources.

4) Hydrating and moisturising. HydroSal Youth is focused on delivering powerful, hydrating agents such as hyaluronic acid. The function of the HydroSal is to bind hydration and moisturizing agents while locking in natural hydration.

5) Hair shine and style; protect and reduce frizz. HydroSal's significant benefit is an extensive surface treatment, such as hair. HydroSal Silk (SalSilk) is an example of a product used to treat hair, producing a smooth, shiny appearance that supports style control. HydroSal Silk treatment enhances the hair’s overall softness and feel.

HydroSal Heat Protect is another product, designed to protect hair from excessive heat by releasing a sensory cue—such as a fragrance or other functional ingredients—to protect the hair from possible damage.

6) Fresh and invigorating sensations. Several HydroSal products are designed to deliver a feeling of freshness, making this both refreshing and energizing. HydroSal SalCool is odorless, and HydroSal FreshCool has some menthol residue. Both products provide a neuro-cosmetic effect; the fresh, cooling sensation is purely neurological, and not associated with actual physical temperature reduction on the skin. The feeling is odorless, intimate, and personal, while not interfering with other fragrances in the product.


Purpose: MultiSal technology is designed to address multiple industry needs.

1)Transform liquids into stable solid microspheres. MultiSal encapsulation improves the handling, stability, and transportation of flammable and highly-reactive liquids. Many ingredients benefit from this application, including fragrances, flavors, organic extracts, and solutions.

2) Formulate water-soluble actives in both anhydrous liquids (oils) and solid (stick, powder) products. The encapsulation allows you to take water-based products—such as water extracts of algae, fruits, and vegetables—and use them in anhydrous products, such as body powders and soap bars.

3) Water-triggered release. Activating the release of encapsulated actives with water is a compelling, beneficial feature. MultiSal Fragrance involves a water-activated burst that creates a fresh sensation. This is capable of offsetting sweat malodor from products such as deodorant, antiperspirant, foot treatment, pets, etc.

Lip-care products benefit from various MultiSal technologies, including MultiSal Flavor, MultiSal Flavor/Cooling, and MultiSal LipVantage (plumping). These technologies are compatible with traditional lipstick/balm and release only when lips are wet.

4) Suspend insoluble activities. Many actives are insoluble in water, and thus require a unique process to incorporate them into a water-based formula. In some cases, formulators use organic solvents, alcohol, and surfactants that negatively affect the skin, while MultiSal eliminates this problem and presents a safer solution.

MultiSal is an elegant method to suspend active ingredients in water-based finished products, avoiding the use of ingredients that damage the skin. Examples of this feature include MultiSal Salicylic Acid.

5) Enhance stability. Encapsulation in MultiSal is the most effective way to retain volatile ingredients, such as single-aroma ingredients such as menthol, retinol, fragrances, and flavors. The tight encapsulation locks the actives inside the sphere until the time of activation. MultiSal enhances thermal stability, and active ingredients are retained during heating processes. MultiSal can protect ingredients up to 130o C; one can bake with MultiSal and retain the flavor, which is only released when wet.

6) Enable consecutive delivery. It is possible to encapsulate multiple active ingredients inside one microsphere, contained separately in the core and shell. The release is consecutive; the first ingredient is released from the shell following the release of the other components from the core. Examples for multiple successive releases are MultiSal Flavor/Cooling and MultiSal MultiLayer antiaging.

Structure: MultiSal features microspheres within a free-flowing solid micro-powder, with an average diameter of 20-40 micron. The microspheres’ structure is based on the core and shell model. Typical MultiSal contains SalSphere microspheres as a core, in which the active ingredients are encapsulated. The shell is water sensitive and can be made with varying thickness.

The common color of MultiSal is white or off-white, depending on the characteristic color of the active.

Release Mechanism: Three main conditions can trigger the release of SalSphere active ingredients.

The release is triggered and modulated by water. Diffusion from MultiSal is minimal and noticeable only when the ingredient is very volatile (i.e., menthol, fragrance) and used at a high load. Water is the primary factor that triggers the release.

The intensity of the release is modulated by water activity and water interaction with the shell polymers. Expect a faster release when the shell is made with water-soluble ingredients, a slower release with complex polymers, and a delayed-release with a more sophisticated blend of less water-soluble polymers. Once the shell cracks open or dissipates, the core is dispersed and the content is released.

Application Examples:

1) Release of aroma ingredients. These include fragrances, essential oils, and flavors. Many fragrance ingredients are volatile, sensitive to oxygen, flammable, and can benefit the most from MultiSal encapsulation. MultiSal transforms the liquid into a fine powder, making the product more stable and capable of handling a long shelf life.

Salvona currently has a limited number of encapsulated single-aroma ingredients, such as menthol and methyl salicylate. However, MultiSal Fragrance and MultiSal Flavors are available for custom encapsulation.

2) Transform water-soluble ingredients into insoluble ingredients. Many commonly-used active agents for cosmetics are water-soluble, such as peptides and silicones. MultiSal LipVantage is used to plump the lips with a sensory effect, combined with the delivery of peptides. MultiSal Shine is a solution that adds a silicone shine to lip-care products for extended wear without softening the balm.

3) Water-triggered release. The moisture level at the proximate location is used to trigger the release of various active ingredients. MultiSal Menthol and MultiSal Fragrance are used in body powder, sticks, and oils, which trigger a burst release when coming into contact with moisture. Other products include MultiSal Sweet to boost flavor sensation, and MultiSal SalCool to generate a fresh, invigorating sensation.

4) Solubilizing/suspending insoluble active ingredients. MultiSal enables the encapsulation of insoluble active ingredients and transforms them into a fine powder. The fine powder is then quickly broken during emulsion, resulting in a homogeneous form. MultiSal Sal Acid and MultiSal Resveratrol are only a few examples that enable this effect.

5) Consecutive release of multiple actives. Several model systems are available for double encapsulation of MultiSal Flavor/Cooling. It is possible to custom-develop more specific combinations of Flavor/Sweet, Flavor/Cooling, and Flavor/Sour.

6) Timed-release solution for sensitive skin. The slow release of actives is an effective method to reduce side effects, irritation, dry skin, and pain from conventional applications. Several MultiSal-based products exhibit this benefit, such as MultiSal Retinol, MultiSal Salicylic Acid, etc.

7) Enhance thermal stability. MultiSal can enhance the thermal stability of various active ingredients. This feature is convenient when the production process exposes the components to heat, such as molding and extruding. MultiSal is optimal for ingredients like fragrance, flavor, menthol, and other heat-sensitive ingredients that are used to produce sticks, lip balm, soap bar, etc.