HydroSal® FreshCool

PID# 8290-01

A delivery system used to provide a fresh sensation.

  • Delivers an invigorating and time-released fresh sensation from aqueous and hydro-alcoholic formulations​
  • Long-lasting refreshing and blooming sensation​
  • Energizing


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How the Technology Helps You

HS FC technology is based on sub-micron spheres, characterized by a solid core and polymeric shell (Figure 1). The technology is designed to enhance the performance of a complex ingredient blend, FreshCool, by modulating its release kinetics.

The FreshCool ingredients are infused into the core and surrounded by a shell coating. The release rate is controlled by the shell’s unique permeation properties, providing an immediate and long-lasting refreshing sensation.

Unique Features

  1. Ease of Formulation - Compatible with a wide range of water-based and hydroalcoholic formulas to form clear products.
  2. Long-lasting refreshing sensation - The time release technology of HS FC allows for a sensation that can last up to 2 hours.
  3. Reduced menthol odor - Delivers cooling properties without the overbearing odor of menthol.

Skin Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the skin to these cooling functional ingredients is different at various parts of the body. The dosage needs to be adjusted to complement the intended area of application.


Areas of the body that are more sensitive to HSFC (1-3).

Technical Data

Appearance @ 20°C
Translucent fluid
Recommended for water-based and hydroalcoholic applications such as lotions, hair and body washes, shaving gels, oral care, and topical pain relief
pH (1 % solution)
5.0 ± 1.0
Shelf Life (months)
Usage Level (wt%)
Storage (°C)
Closed container at 12-32°

Lasting Refreshing Sensation

The time release properties of HS FC noticeably outperform those of free menthol. The sensation can last up to 2 hours, depending on the concentration.

A clinical sensory test compared HS FC to free menthol at 1% concentration in a lotion. There is no limit to the level of FreshCool allowed, as it is a cosmetic technology.

Dose Response Study

A clinical study was conducted to determine the dosage response of HS FC based on the duration of the refreshing intensity on the scalp. From a conditioner, it was found that the highest distinguishable dosage of HS FC is 5%.

Dose response of HS FC when used in conditioner.

Refreshing After-Shave Lotion Formula

HS SC can be added to the water phase during production, or at the end of the process when the temperature is below 30°C.

(W/W %)
HydroSal® FreshCool
SalSphere® Severe Acne Relief
Salvona Pre-Mix A
DI Water