HydroSal® Heat Protection

PID# 8381

An advanced encapsulation system that protects hair from severe heat damage while delivering fragrance during and after thermal treatments.

  • Ideal for users of electrical styling equipment used to curl or straighten hair
  • Used in shampoo, conditioner, and styling products
  • Protects hair and delivers fragrance
  • Fragrance alerts of excess heat
  • Hair-coating conditioning


The use of thermal treatment such as hot flat irons, curling irons, or blow dryers can damage the hair and cause moisture loss, frizz, split ends, and breakage.

To protect hair from thermal treatments, silicones are commonly used due to their excellent heat insulating property. However, it can be difficult to completely wash away silicone from hair, and silicone build-up remains a concern for consumers. Silicone-free heat protection products, usually polymer-based, have been developed, but do not offer heat protection comparable to silicone-based solutions.

How the Technology Helps You

HydroSal® Heat Protection contains sub-micron particles that encapsulate and deliver thermal protection agents and fragrance to the hair. The particles have a porous core enclosed within a film-forming polymer shell. When applied to hair, the film-forming polymer coats the hair and releases the thermal protection agent and fragrance onto the hair surface. The thermal protection agent protects hair from heat damage by slowing down external heat transfer to the hair cuticle, and the fragrance is gradually released due to the presence of the polymer film.

Unique Features

  1. Encapsulation allows for easy removal that prevents silicone build-up.
  2. Contains silicone-based heating agent and film-forming polymers for double heat protection.
  3. Encapsulates fragrance to protect from rapid evaporation.


INCI & Characteristics

Water, Fragrance, Phenyl Trimethicone, Acrylates/C12-22 Aklylmethacrylate Copolymer, Polyvinyl Alchohol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin