MultiSal® Flavor Cooling


A targeted delivery system of a variety of flavors followed by a fresh, cooling sensation.

  • Encapsulated flavors with cooling
  • A combination of flavors can also be created to release one after the other
  • Fine powder
  • Activated with water
  • Food grade


A proprietary microsphere technology that contains booth flavor and cooling agents in different compartments within each microsphere. The technology enables to deliver the flavors first, following with cooling/fresh sensation.

This technology releases an aromatic sensation that consists of a flavor and cooling that is triggered with moisture. This technology can induce a surprise effect. Typically, the aroma would not be obvious when smelling the product until the time of activation. However, in many cases, producers add free flavor to intensify the aromatic sensation at point of purchase as with many lip balm formulations.

The microspheres are designed to include a core and a shell. The core contains condensed sub-micron spheres infused with concentrated cooling agents. The shell contains concentrated flavor ingredients (Figure 1). The microsphere is available as a free-flowing powder with average diameter of up to 60 microns, typically in white color. The product can be mixed well with other anhydrous ingredients such as oils to form a suspension.
The major agent that can trigger and modulate the release is water at the proximate area. Once the microsphere encounters moisture, the shell gradually breaks down to release the flavor. Following that, the cooling is release from the core.

The microspheres are compatible with anhydrous stick and balm base that contain no water or very small amount of water, preferably were water is bound. The microspheres resist breaking down during mixing and even homogenization.

At times, the microspheres can agglomerate and give the balm an undesireable gritty texture. Therefore, the powder should be stored isolated from water and humidity. We could recommend, in case of agglomeration, to expose the microsphere to dry heat (oven, 65°C) to disperse the agglomeration, before incorporation into a formula.

Another aspect of production to consider is homogeneous dispersion. Once the MultiSal® is mixed well with the base and molded to the finished product shape, the whole product should be cooled as fast as possible to to maintain a homogeneous distribution of the microspheres in the base. Accelerated cooling prevents precipitation of the MultiSal® to the bottom, while the base is solidified.

Unique Features

Moisture-triggered release - The encapsulation protects the flavor from oxidation and premature release so that the aroma is potent at the time of initiation.

Exceptional aromatic sensation - A single technology that combines aroma and fresh sensation. Ideal for lip balm, frozen food, dry food, packaging for microwave applications, etc.

Suits customization - Allows change in flavor type, intensity, or adding ingredients to further boost the sensation, such as sweeteners.

How the Technology Helps You

The microsphere powder is safe to store at room temperature, not like some flavors that need cooling conditions for extended shelf life. MultiSal® is stable in the stick, and would release the flavors only when exposed to water. This technology is a single ingredient that offers a solution for both flavor and sensation. Like other flavors, MultiSal® doesn’t soften the balm, especially at higher concentration. This allows formulators to incorporate more oils and liquid-based ingredients to a solid balm. The particle can easily blend with the color of the balm or remain white.

Technical Data

Appearance @ 20°C
Free flowing powder
Lip products and more
Typical to flavor used
Shelf Life (months)
Storage (°C)
Closed container at 12-32° with <45% RH

Additional flavors can be formulated upon request.

Vanilla Mint Cooling Lip Balm Formula

(W/W %)
MultiSal® Flavor with Cooling (Vanilla)
MultiSal® Flavor with Cooling (Peppermint)
MultiSal® Menthol
Lip Balm Base