MultiSal® Flavor

PID# 8811-04

A targeted delivery system of a variety of flavors with intensified sensation and increased stability.

  • Water activated longer lasting release
  • Thermal protection of volatile flavors
  • Can be used with flavor enhancers, such as sweeteners


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MultiSal® technology is a double-layered encapsulation system composed of a microsphere containing sub-micron spheres. The outer shell contains the flavor and protects from premature release. In the case of MS FL with cooling, once the shell is broken, the cooling sensation is released from the core.

Unique Features

  1. Time Release with a longer-lasting sensation.
  2. Water Activation and release on-demand, allowing for optimal performance.
  3. Customizable Properties including flavor choices and cooling abilities allowing for a truly unique sensory experience for the consumer.

Raw MultiSal® Flavor

Technical Data

Appearance @ 20°C
Free flowing powder
Lip products and more
Typical to flavor used
Shelf Life (months)
Storage (°C)
Closed container at 12-32° with <45% RH

Standard flavors include watermelon, peppermint, vanilla, margarita lime, and tangerine, but additional flavors can be formulated upon request.

Other Applications

A study was done on flavor intensity, as determined by consumer perception. MS FL outperformed free, which had lost its intensity in just twenty minutes.