MultiSal® Multilayer

PID# CN9156

An anti-aging system composed of multiple functional compartments within a single microsphere, designed to target multiple layers of the skin for effective and comprehensive skin rejuvenation

  • Composed of a single microsphere with several functional ingredients encapsulated into different compartments of the microsphere
  • Designed to target multiple layers of the skin for effective and comprehensive skin rejuvenation
  • The shell releases AHA first to hydrate the skin
  • The other sub-micron spheres contain collagen-boosting peptides and skin-brightening actives
  • Can be used in emulsions and dry form cosmetics
  • Time-release skin moisturizing
  • Brightens skin with results in weeks
  • Boosts collagen


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MultiSal® Multilayer technology offers a revolutionary way to deliver multiple functional ingredients that are encapsulated individually, in different spheres, and combined together into one microsphere. The delivery is synchronized consecutively so that each functional ingredient works in a different time and at a different tissue with synergy and no counteraction.

This technology allows replacing multiple products and multiple separate applications like exfoliation, hydration, and skin treatment with a single lotion.

MS ML is designed to overcome issues that occur when multiple treatment ingredients are mixed together into one lotion. Combining acids with peptides and other treatment ingredients allows for counteraction due to denaturalization or shifting in optimal pH for activity. Peak performance is achieved when actives are time-released and penetrating the different layers of skin in an uninterrupted sequential manner.

Unique Features

  1. Single unit with multiple functional ingredients - The microsphere contains three separate compartments infused with three different functional ingredients at optimal loading.
  2. Targeting multiple skin layers - Delivery of exfoliation and hydration to the top layers while enabling penetration of sub-micron spheres into different layers of the skin.
  3. Stable Product - MS ML is stable in a variety of lotions and creams.