MultiSal® Sebum Control

PID# 8123

A technology that helps to reduce excess sebum production and imparts a matte finish to the skin.

  • Instantly reduces shine and long-term management of sebum production through a enzymatic inhibition
  • Microsphere technology that absorbs excess sebum while simultaneously releasing a sebum production inhibitor
  • Combats overactive sebaceuous glands
  • Skin Mattefying


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Excess sebum creates an ideal environment for the growth of acne-causing bacteria. The accumulation of sebum also causes the skin to appear undesirably shiny. A major challenge consumers face is maintaining smooth, matte skin for the whole day. MS SBC addresses this issue by instantly reducing sebum and controlling future release by delivering zinc throughout the day to control oil production.

How the Technology Helps You

This double-encapsulation system consists of a microspheres averaging 20 microns in diameter (Figure 1). The core contains sub-micron spheres with zinc PCA. The external shell made of natural polysacchardies that can immediately absorb the excess oil on the skin’s surface to provide immediate impact (Figure 2). The sub-micron spheres with zinc are then released from the core to modulate sebum secretion.

Unique Features

  1. Instant Visible Results - Provides instant oil absorption and mattefying effect. Helps to reduce acne, blemishes, and a longer wave of makeup.
  2. All-Day Shine Control - Zinc is slowly released to provide longer-lasting shine reduction.
  3. Ease Of Formulation - Compatible in powders and oil- and silicone-based formulations.