Natural HydroSal® Moisturizer

PID# 8044-02B

Skin barrier repair for moisturized, healthy skin, and Younger looking

  • All-natural formula, suitable for sensitive skin and clean formulation.
  • An efficacious blend of ceramides, phytosphingosine, phytosterols, and free fatty acids.
  • High load of stabilized ceramides that is easy to formulate with, in a platform proven to improve retention on the skin.


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About Natural HydroSal® Moisturizer

Natural HydroSal® Moisturizer is a technology designed to provide the consumer relief from dry skin and maintain healthily, moisturized skin. The surface of the skin has a protein layer called the stratum corneum (fig 1). The spaces between cells in the stratum corneum contain a lipid called ceramide. Ceramide is an intercellular lipid that contains about 30% moisture

fig 1 - Illustration of the cross-section of the skin. The outermost layer of skin,
the stratum corneum, forms the barrier. Ceramides hold all those cells
together in an intercellular lipid network.


Why do you need this Technology?

Natural HydroSal® Moisturizer is designed to help with moderate and severe dry and itchy skin. Skin gets dry when it is exposed to environmental conditions such as harsh chemicals, strong wind and cold weather, loose of collagen age related and inflammation. Several skin diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis have been linked to extreme ceramide deficiency.