SalSphere® Hair Rejuvenator

PID# 8391-03

A technology that enhances the natural appearance of the hair with functional botanical extracts.

  • Time-release of unique and potent botanical extracts to restore and maintain healthy hair
  • Naturally rejuvenates the hair, provides extra shine, moisture, and luxurious softness that lasts
  • Adds and replenishes natural shine
  • Keeps stylish hair luxurious and elegant
  • Natural


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Botanical oil treatments are a great way to naturally condition, soothe, balance, cleanse, and invigorate the hair and scalp. They leave hair feeling soft, shiny, and silky, making them excellent for treating damaged, dry, and dull hair. The longer they are left in, the more effective they are.

When botanical extracts are used in shampoos, their efficacy is extremely limited because they tend to get washed off. SalSphere® Hair Rejuvenator is designed to enhance the deposition of mango butter, olive, safflower, and grape seed extracts onto the hair.

Unique Features

  • Restores the natural shine - Effective deposition of the botanical extracts thanks to proprietary encapsulation system.
  • Keeps hair light - The sub-micron spheres adhere to the hair, keeping it light and bouncy, unlike heavy silicones that flatten hair.
  • Protects from heated styling instruments - The encapsulated extracts are triggered by the heat generated from styling tools, for ultimate protection.

How the technology helps you

SalSphere® is a proprietary technology comprised of sub-micron spheres. The botanical extracts are encapsulated in the core. SS HR makes it easy to formulate unique products that are natural.