SalSphere® Skin Protection

PID# 8844

Technology for skin preservation and protection from environmental pollutants.

  • Forms a shield that can protect the skin from environmental factors (such as smog and dirt particles, as well as free radicals)
  • Restores the skin to a healthy state by preserving and delivering multi-functional ingredient
  • Hydrating shield
  • Promotes skin recovery


SalSphere® Skin Protection forms a breathing shield layer on the skin, to protect the skin from environmental factors (such as smog, dirt particles, and dust float through the air, as well as free radicals) and restores the skin to a healthy state by preserving and delivering multi-functional ingredients. SS SPT is composed of sub-micron spheres. It has a solid core infused with functional ingredients (Figure 1). Once the technology is applied on the skin, it forms a continuous natural layer that cannot be seen or felt.

Unique Features

  1. Breathing Hydration Shield
  2. Promotes Skin Recovery with time-release of nourishing to repair the barrier properties.
  3. Enhances Skin’s Resistance from the damaging factors of free radicals.

How the Technology Helps You

Sea Plant Extract: A concentrated algae phytonutrients source. It moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.

Algogen: A natural polymer derived from marine algae, has natural moisturizer properties.

Squalane: A natural oily substance that is extracted from olive oil, wheat germ, rice bran and yeast. Squalane rapidly penetrates the skin and functions as an antioxidant. It helps prevent UV damage, the formation of age spots, and promotes cell growth.

Aloe vera: Effective in treating flaky or dry skin, without giving a greasy skin feeling. Aloe leaves contains antioxidants including beta carotene, vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin’s natural firmness and keeps the skin hydrated.

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