SalSphere® Skin Repair

PID# 8417-07

Skin repair with no harsh surfactants to irritate the skin

  • Deep skin hydration treatment for severely dry and irritated skin
  • Designed for sensitive and baby skin to reduce skin redness, dryness, scaling, and itchiness.
  • Controlled release and stabilization of natural and essential fatty acids.


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SS SR improves the barrier properties that help seal moisture in the skin. Effectiveand long-lasting hydration helps the skin repair itself, heals the area naturally, and is a natural alternative to steroid treatment for dermatitis.

Unique Features

  1. Repairs Skin Barriers To Hydrate Skin - Delivers stabilized lipids that are prone to oxidation and slowly delivers them to the skin.
  2. Dermacosmetic Technology - Delivers benefits equal to prescription-grade products; reduces inflammation and dryness.
  3. Safe Alternative To Topical Steroids - Contains no parabens that can cause irritation. No mineral oils that have blocking effects and prevents the skin from producing its own protective substances. No emulsifiers that help to destroy the composition of the skin barrier.

Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis

Three pictures from a clinical study where patients used SS SR in a lotion. The healing effect of the technology was noticeable in just a few days.

Effect of treatment containing 5% SalSphere® Skin Repair on a plaque psoriasis at (A) t=0, (B) t=30, and (C) t=60 days (left to right).

How the Technology Helps You

SS SR is a sub-micron technology that encapsulates special functional lipids that help to rebuild cell membranes. It gives the skin vital nutrients to strengthen the bilayers and keeps the epidermis and external barrier fully functioning, defend against bacteria and fungi, and reduce water loss.

Technical Data

Appearance @ 20°C
Opaque emulsion
Used to treat inflamed skin, atopic dermatitis, eczema
White to off-white
pH (1 % solution)
4 ± 1
Shelf Life (months)
Usage Level (wt%)
Storage (°C) Closed container at 12-32°


Storage Stability

SS SR is specially designed to protect CLA. CLA is unstable at room temperature and tends to oxidize rapidly, resulting in discoloration and an unpleasant odor. The encapsulation
protects the CLA from oxidation and prevents the development of this odor.

Extended Release on Skin

The second key feature is the slow release of CLA on the skin. The skin study shows that SS SR enables the slow release of CLA onto the skin’s surface. Live in-between each layer of the cell, they are synthesis of epidermal lipids. This technology supplies ceramides, fatty acids (i.e. CLA), and cholesterol. The bilayers give the skin its protection from outside elements. It keeps the skin soft, supple, and strong.

SS SR provides higher CLA concentration over time than a cream containing free CLA. The amount of CLA extracted from the skin is represented as percent of initial amount (n=3), from a lotion containing 10% CLA.

Barrier Properties

Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) was used to compare the efficacy of a cream containing 10% SS SR to a prescription market product that claims to reduce AD symptoms through a “skin barrier” mechanism. The lotions have equal benefits, despite the benchmark containing 30 times more functional ingredients. Skin repair mimics the natural oils of the bilayers, keeping the skin soft and supple.

In-vivo TEWL testing of SS SR versus prescription

Lotion Formula

(W/W %)
SalSphere® Skin Repair
SalSphere® Aqua Skin
Pre-Mix A #5019
DI Water