Salvona specializes in advanced encapsulation technologies that enhance performance, maximize stability, and control the release targets and triggers of active ingredients. The company offers off-the-shelf encapsulations, custom encapsulation services, and turn-key formulation production (with flexible batch sizes) from its FDA-registered facility in Hamilton, NJ. Our team’s experience, innovative spirit, and dedication allow clients to differentiate themselves and stand out in the ever competitive cosmetic, personal care, and pharmaceutical markets.

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Offering a wide array of specialty encapsulation technologies and solutions for cosmetics and dermatology.



Offering a wide array of specialty actives in encapsulated forms which are the building blocks of cosmetics and dermatological formulations.

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These technologies enable you to formulate creative, functional, new product forms. Benefits include time release, extended shelf life, reduced side effects, faster results, and greater consumer satisfaction.

Formulation Examples

Soothing Anti-Aging Lotion

contains SS Skin Smoothing & SS Natural Anti-Aging

Retinol Cream

contains MS Retinol

Light Lotion

contains SS Light

Skin Repair Lotion

contains SS Skin Repair & SS Aqua Skin

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